Five tips to get the right motor trade insurance cover

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The cost of vehicle insurance depends on many factors. Do your research, and you might be able to find a great deal at a fraction of the cost. If you dive right into the first policy you see, you could end up paying a small fortune. Taking your time to find the right policy is a no-brainer, so here are some top tips for finding the best insurance.

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Keep your details up to date

Although it can be tempting, providing incorrect details to your insurance provider can cause a whole host of problems. Not only will this void your insurance, but it also means that you will be left paying a potentially huge amount of money for a simple claim. Always be truthful when it comes to your insurance, and it could end up working in your favour. Updating your marital status after you get married sometimes helps to reduce premiums, so it is always worth keeping your details up to date.

Driver restrictions

It is likely that multiple people will be driving your vehicles, so a single driver policy won’t work for your business. It does help, however, to add specific named drivers to a policy rather than going for an Any Driver policy, which can seem like a simple option. Limit those who can drive specific vehicles to save on your premiums.

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Use a specialist

Instead of getting quotes from general insurance companies, look for a specialist who deals in motor trade insurance, such as This can help significantly as they know just what you need and can eliminate any unsuitable policies that others might offer.

Don’t forget your no claims bonus

Many drivers don’t realise that they can often use their no claims bonus from their own private insurance when looking for traders insurance. Although it is not available through every insurance company, it is something worth asking about to see if you can save yourself some money.

Pay all at once

Insurance isn’t cheap, which is why many drivers opt to pay monthly for their insurance premiums and spread the cost out over time. Doing this will almost always add extra fees onto your total, so if you have the funds available, you should pay for your insurance all in one go.

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