Famous Sculptures that you can Find in the UK

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Statues and sculptures have been used for many thousands of years by humans as a form of artistic expression. Going all the way back to the early days of mankind, neolithic people all over the world used sculpture to create works of art. One of the most famous examples of neolithic sculpture in the UK is probably Stonehenge!

Sculpture is something that has continued to be enjoyed by humans all over the world – modern sculpture is mostly used for decoration, like this bronze animal sculpture by www.gillparker.com but many people in modern times also use sculpture as  part of their religion, to connect with gods and deities.

All over the UK there are famous sculptures – here are just a few of the most interesting and famous sculptures that you can see in the UK…

The biggest sculpture in the UK is relatively new. In 2012, the ArcelorMittal Orbit was built in Olympic Park, London, as a tribute to commemorate the Olympic Games that were held in London in the same year.  As well as being a sculpture, this huge structure which stands at a whopping 178 metres, is also the place where you can enjoy a white-knuckle ride – as it contains a tunnel slide! You can also enjoy outstanding views across the London skyline from the top.

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One of the most iconic sculptures in the UK is the Angel of the North. Created by sculptor Anthony Gormley in 1998, this sculpture stands tall looking over the A1 in Gateshead. The A1 connects London to Edinburgh, and this particular place was chosen for the Angel of the North with good reason. It was built to commemorate the workers who worked beneath the spot that the sculpture stands on – the coal mine workers.

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A sculpture that hit the news a lot recently in the last few years is the Winston Churchill statue in London. During the protests that broke out in recent times, Churchill took some of the brunt of this and his statue in parliament was graffitied. However, it is a beautiful work of art in tribute to the famous leader of Britain during the Second world war, and fans of Churchill and fans of sculpture will appreciate it.

Ilfracombe is a favourite summer holiday spot on the beautiful north Devon coast. It is also home to a striking metal sculpture created by the sculptor Damien Hirst. Standing tall at 66 foot in height there is no missing Verity. Located on the pier at Ilfracombe, the statue of a pregnant woman who is holding a sword standing on books and carrying some scales of justice. Hirst created the sculpture as a representation of truth and justice. However, it caused a bit of a stir locally with some likening it to marmite – as in you either love it or you hate it!

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