Do you have a magical world at the back of your wardrobe?

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One of my favourite childhood books was that of CS Lewis classic, ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ along with the other books in the series. The thought that I could access a magical world through the back of my wardrobe is one that used to fill my dreams and has stuck with me into adulthood. When I had Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire company come into fit my new wardrobes there was a small part of me desperately hoping that once they had left, I would be able to step inside and find myself in Cair Paravel in the wonderful world of Narnia. But of course, that was not to be the case!

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So instead I decided to have a look through some interesting facts about the magical world that Lewis created.

When CS Lewis first started to write the story, he struggled to complete it (it actually took him 10 years in total to complete the book) but in the later part of the 1940s the story was complete, and it was published in 1950. Lewis noted that it was actually the creation of the character of Aslan (which incidentally means ‘lion’ in Turkish) that helped to bring the whole story together and also spurred him on to write the other six books in the series. The stories have gone on to be one of the most loved stories of many children and adults and a further six books in the series were subsequently created. It has been translated into over 47 different languages and has appeared as a TV adaptation as well as a film and stage production.

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The inspiration for the story came to Lewis in a number of ways. Back in his teenage years he came up with the image of a faun carrying an umbrella and some wrapped up parcels whilst walking in the snow. The images stayed with him for many years after he first thought of it aged 16 and it wasn’t until he was 40 that he decided to incorporate this into a story and thus Mr Tumnus was brought to life. Other inspiration was taken from three girls that Lewis looked after during the second world war when they were evacuated from their London home. From this experience he created the four siblings being sent to the old professor also as a result of the world war bombing threats.

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