Different types of garage shelving

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Your garage can be the most useful storage space in your house, but it’s all too easy to simply fill it with clutter. The obvious answer is to get organised with a purpose designed shelving system. With the right type of shelving, you’ll have everything within easy reach and be able to find things within seconds.

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First, you’ll need to declutter your garage in order to create some space for storage. This has the added benefit of enabling you to sort out stuff to keep, stuff to bin and stuff to recycle. But what’s the ideal shelf storage solution for your garage?

Planning your storage

When planning your storage, first make sure there’s room for your car. Then choose shelving that’s suited to your storage needs, taking into account the weight of the equipment you need to store. Once you’ve measured up, you’ll need to decide on the right shelving system for you.

Wooden shelving

This can be an inexpensive solution if you just need to store lightweight objects, and they can be easy to move around the garage using a wall mounted bracket system. However, they won’t cope with heavy objects and can warp if your garage is damp.

Wire shelving

Ideal for a humid environment thanks to the way air can circulate through the mesh construction, wire basket shelving is protected against rust and corrosion as the wire has a preventative coating. A good solution for all but the heaviest objects, although smaller objects can fall through the mesh.

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Steel shelving

Solid and durable, this type of shelving can deal with any weight of object and will stand up to even the most humid garage environment.

Pre-assembled shelving

A great solution when strength and safety are an issue. These types of durable galvanised steel units from https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk/ are the right choice for storing tools and heavyweight objects.

Adjustable shelving

This type of garage shelving is wall mounted on vertical rails, giving you huge flexibility in what type of shelves you use and their height.

Ceiling mounted storage

If wall space is an issue, or your garage has a particularly high ceiling, then ceiling mounted shelving makes the best use of the space available. Mounted against a wall, this type of shelving has additional stability for storing heavyweight and infrequently used items out of sight.

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