Children learn from their environment

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Children learn from their environment. This is why leading by example is so important for parents. Impatient frustrated parents raise children who are impatient and frustrated. Although we may intend to teach a different value we often end up teaching according to our own behavioral patterns and habits.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
Parents are the first superheroes that their children meet. A parent is almost god-like to a child. Everything a parent says and does is met by the avid stares of their children. This explains why more often than not children will mimic almost any behavior that a parent models, good or bad. Because of this fact, it’s important that parents actively model the types of values and behaviors that they want their children to exhibit. This often the message that spiritual leaders like david e taylor teach their congregation.


Conflict Resolution
Children learn how to deal with life’s conflicts and difficulties from their parents. If mom can’t handle stress in a healthy manner it’s going to be hard for her to teach little Susie to handle stress and conflict in a healthy manner. Parents can practice modeling good conflict resolution skills by responding accordingly to difficulties in their own lives and helping their children to navigate difficult situations. Candid discussions that gently help children to come up with healthy ways of dealing with a wide variety of situations is both practical and helpful.

Developing a Thick Skin
Surprisingly, it helps for parents to develop a thick skin when dealing with children. It may be difficult, but allowing children to speak freely and honestly without becoming upset about what they are saying keeps the lines of communication open and sends the message that it’s ok to be honest. This may take some getting used to but it is well worth it because as children grow it will be easier to have open and honest conversations with them regarding difficult issues.

The best gift we can give our children is our commitment to the daily practice of modeling the types of values we’d like them to adopt. This practice is not only good for our children, it’s also good for us. It helps us to continue to model the values that we would like our children to adopt someday. This is no easy feat because life can be difficult and stressful even as adults but it’s how we navigate life’s hills and valleys that help to build our children’s trust and encourage them to model the same behaviors.

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