Can you wear a maxi dress in cold weather?

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In short, the answer to this question is yes; however, the real trick is how you wear it!

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Maxi dresses are hugely versatile and are certainly not just for warmer days. There are a multitude of ways you can make them suitable for colder weather and you will find that there are plenty of long-sleeved, higher-necked dresses that are ideal for when the mercury drops.

Pop a sweater on top

A fitted sweater over a dress looks good. Although it may appear more like you are wearing a skirt and top, don’t be afraid to let your dress show through on top; for example, a boat neck top with the straps of your dress exposed can look great and will tie the whole outfit together.

Mix and match with a cute cardigan

You can keep warm with a cardigan; for added fashion points, wear one in a contrasting colour. You can also play around with the way you do the buttons up; for example, you can have just one keeping the cardigan closed or a few top or bottom ones to create a silhouette shape.

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Add a fun faux fur coat

For a glam look, add a fake fur coat. You can take maxi dresses from casual to more formal in this way; alternatively, if you are worried about being a bit too glam, you can always pair your dress and coat with sneakers to tone it down a little.

Go 90s with a bodysuit

Seasonal trends change and some come back into fashion. Bodysuits were a big hit in the 90s and they have made a comeback in recent years. This is great, as they are perfect for popping under maxi dresses. You can choose one in a colour that complements or contrasts with your dress and can even opt for a textured look such as lace or mesh to change your look.

Add a duster coat or gilet

Both these options will add a bit more warmth – when paired with boots, you will be extra toasty! Duster coats and gilets can be anything from wool to lace and chiffon to tweed, so you can pick and match them accordingly. Kimonos have also been trendy recently, so you could even opt for one of these instead.


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