5 more reasons to choose VoIP

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IP telephone services are quickly becoming the gold standard for business and home telephony, and for good reason. VoIP systems offer competitive costs, ease of use, scalability, and a host of other benefits.

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If you aren’t using a VoIP system yet, or you are just setting up a business and looking at communication options, here are five more reasons to opt for a VoIP system, in case you haven’t been convinced yet.

VoIP can replace receptionists

Cost cutting is always on the mind of sharp business people, regardless of the size of the business. For a small business, though, not having to hire a receptionist could be a massive benefit.

VoIP systems can integrate virtual receptionists, greeting customers and routing calls automatically without human intervention, saving time and money.

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VoIP scales with your business

With traditional phone lines, as your business grows, you need more lines installed to increase capacity – one line means one call at a time.

With a VoIP system, one data line means many calls – you can add support and sales staff to fulfill your needs, and apart from having to upgrade your internet package, you will always have the capacity to grow.

VoIP offers more options

With traditional phone systems, each piece of hardware is, literally, hardwired in – so making any changes is a big deal.

VoIP systems are software-based, making them incredibly flexible – phone numbers stay with users rather than hardware, making modern hot desking and flexible working practices easier than ever, and if you want to add or remove a feature, it can be done within minutes, without needing to rewire the whole building.

VoIP helps you control call costs

When purchasing your VOIP minutes wholesale from a provider like https://www.idtexpress.com/, you only pay for what you use, making it easy for you to increase capacity if a month is going well, or not lose out if things are a bit quiet.

VoIP has low ongoing costs

Traditionally, telephony has line rentals, handsets, and hardware – all needing maintenance, eventually requiring replacing, and often incurring ongoing fees.

VoIP systems need none of that – handsets are optional, the only line you need is your businesses data connection, and the hardware can be skipped altogether by opting for a hosted VoIP service, keeping things inexpensive and simple.

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