4 Ways to Choose the Best Shorts For Your Body Type

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The length of your shorts is a significant factor in how flattering they are, and many brands of shorts are made according to the size of their inseam. Avoid drawing the line at a part of your body that you dislike when choosing your clothing. For example, don’t wear shorts that come down to your knees if you have a bad knee.

Wide boyfriend shorts

To choose the perfect pair of wide boyfriend shorts, consider your height. Shorts with a high waist may pinch, while those with a low rise sag. The midrise gives you tummy coverage while elongating your legs. Keep in mind that super-long lengths will make you look overly fat. Also, wide boyfriend shorts are more flattering on taller women than on shorter ones.

These women’s shorts are available in different styles. Boyfriend shorts are an example of a comfortable pair of shorts. These shorts have a three-inch inseam and stretchy fabric, which keeps the shorts closer to your body. These shorts are also part of the wash well program, which uses 20% less water than conventional denim. However, the perfect pair of boyfriend shorts for your body shape is not always easy to find.

High-waisted mom jeans

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable pair of mom jeans or you’d like a high-waisted pair for a more casual look, the key to finding a perfect pair is knowing your body type. For example, some women are naturally leggier and should opt for jeans designed for this type of body type. The classic Mom jean sits at the natural waist, offering limited stretch, but is designed to flatter the body. You can find mom jeans made from stretch fabrics or 100% cotton denim.

High-waisted mom jeans give full coverage to your tummy. However, this can make your torso appear shorter. Instead, you should wear a statement top to draw attention to your top and midsection.

Pleated shorts

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pair of pleated shorts. The best pair will sit higher on your waist than flat-fronted shorts. Choose a pair with a thick waistband if you’re petite. For those with larger hips, make sure your style has a wide leg opening. Choosing a shorter-length pair can make you appear a little shorter than you are. If you’re taller, choose a pair with a lower rise, as it will give you a slimmer silhouette. If you’re petite, however, you’ll need to pay special attention to the fabric details.

When choosing shorts, consider your body type. Find shorts with a length that matches your body type and height. Your height alone shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing the right length. For example, two friends who are 5’9″ may look great in the same length pair, but the torsos of one have longer legs and a shorter waist, so you should consider the shape of your body to find the right length.

High-waisted boyfriend shorts

High-waisted boyfriend shorts are the perfect summer wardrobe piece whether you’re a pear-shaped woman or want to flatter your curves. The wider fit will elongate your legs and help you even out your proportions. You can also find cheaper versions of this cutoff style in the style of cutoff jeans. Just remember to choose the right pair for your body type!

You’ll need to avoid frills and volume details if your body shape is boyish. Instead, try boyfriend shorts with a higher waist and avoid the boyish look. You can also wear wide boyfriend shorts with a tucked top to accentuate your waist. However, high-waisted boyfriend shorts for your body type are tricky to find. Fortunately, several brands cater to plus-sized women.

If you’re petite, a high-waisted boyfriend short will accentuate your curves. This style can be worn with almost any outfit. Pair them with a tucked-in top for the perfect look. Otherwise, try a button-up shirt, bodysuit, or crop top. The wide-leg cut of high-waisted boyfriend shorts will flatter your shape and highlight your curves.

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