Facial Oxygen Treatments
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The Red Carpet Facial: Oxygen Treatments

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The day came when the star discovered oxygen. This does not mean that actors, actresses, singers and even future queens have never used the nose and mouth to breathe, but simply that the modern have discovered a new secret to keeping young facial skin.

Apparently it was the massive use oxygen therapy on the set of Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives to launch a fashion which for some years has conquered celebrities such as Madonna, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton and Lady Gaga, only to name a few. So much so that the treatment has taken the name of The Red Carpet Facial.

Facial Oxygen Treatments
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The oxygen of the stars

Experts explain that the slowing of the circulation inherent to aging produces a decrease in the presence of oxygen and a reduction of trade between the cells in the epidermis. The consequence is that the skin is – how to say – consumed. And this is where comes into play our star treatment which – favoring blood oxygenation – stimulates the local micro-circulation and makes the bright and clear skin. In other words – the ones you probably want to hear before going ahead – the oxygen, although not smoothes out wrinkles, improved skin tone, and – yes, agree – rejuvenates the skin.

The reason for the success of this miracle lies above all in the effect of immediate treatment for oily skin and tired and fine lines but also in its comfort: in short, for once, we could say “do this at home” (but under the supervision of a doctor).

How does it work?

Generally, treatment is proposed as the final step of a facial the beautician, since it requires clean skin and open pores. The machine releases pure oxygen and molecules of moisturizing serums, which penetrate deep into the dermis and make more effective the anti-aging effect of components such as the ianuronico acid, this unknown that already from only facilitates the proliferation of new cells and strengthens the production of elastin and collagen. Combined with oxygen, these molecules do see the muscles, the skin looks immediately – but for a relatively short time – younger and brighter.

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5 Idioms oxygen

1. Traders: oxygen-ozone therapy

It is micro-injections, with a needle 4 mm, of a mixture of oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3), which revitalize the face, making the most rosy fabrics, clear and elastic, thanks to the local micro-circulation stimulation, which in turn promotes the production of collagen.

  • I can do it at home? No. In this case, only the physician is qualified to handle the oxygen. Each cycle – if they can do up to two per year – provides 4 or 5 sessions in a week or two away.
  • It is very expensive? Definitely. Each cycle takes off from the portfolio between 300 and 500 dollars.

2. Hyperbaric chamber ocean view

If you have a diver in the family, Save it closely: the equipment used for decompression may have positive effects on the skin. The pure oxygen is inhaled in a modified situation of pressure, within a sealed chamber but the epidermis improvement is a consequence of the increase of oxygen in the blood

  • I can do it at home? Are you crazy?
  • It is very expensive? Please note that there are rumors that he did Madonna.

3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This is the treatment that is talked a little higher up. A machine sprinkles pure oxygen on the face, together with a serum-based ianuronico acid and vitamins. I can do it at home? Technically yes, if you feel like turning on a mortgage to buy the equipment, and pay an expert that takes you checked. Alternatively, five sessions are recommended to the beauty center, at a distance of 7-10 days apart.

  • It is very expensive? Each session will lighten 150-200 dollars

4. A shower of oxygen

The version for those of “short but intense school”. The pure oxygen, fired on at close range face enters the dermis to compression, although minimally and superficial level. The effect lasts about a week. Then depression remains.

  • I can do it at home? Well … better the beauty center.
  • It is very expensive? Compared to everything else, no: an average of 50 dollars per session.

5. Creams, creams, bubbles and masks

The bubble mask or oxygen masks – which penetrates the dermis and improves micro circulation famous – lighten the skin and stimulate cell renewal. After an application of about 20 minutes, your face gets darker.

  • I can do it at home? Definitely.
  • It is very expensive? It depends on the brand. But in perfumery they will certainly help.

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