Choose the Perfume
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Choosing the Perfume

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Do you want to leave in your wake a great and lasting essence? Learn how to choose the right perfume for your skin type.

Choosing the Perfume Ideal for your skin

Knowing how to choose the scent more appropriate for us is a sensitive issue. Fashion, advertising and sponsorship of celebrities seeking to convince us look aromas, more often than expected, do not match the chemistry of our skin or our personal style, even some include components that produce allergies.

Choose the Perfume
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Therefore, you must first analyze what your preferences are in terms of aromas, and then adapt these tips we give you to choose the ideal for your skin type fragrance.

Features perfumes

The first is to understand that the odor of the perfume in the bottle will not be identical to the left in our skin, since they are artificial compounds which react in different ways with each body chemistry.

In addition to the initial flavor (the “top note” which is seen up to 20 minutes after being applied) can perceive the “base notes” (the aroma that lingers on the skin) and the “heart notes,” which they are classic trends that classify fragrances. To find a perfume you can choose heart in floral notes, fruit, watery, woody, spicy, ambarados, ferns (or fougere) and some more.

How to choose perfume depending on skin type

The dry skin tends to fade faster essences you use, especially if they are products with a lot of alcohol content, which in turn dries more the skin. To choose perfume for dry skin, opt for strong, floral fragrances and woody, with high aromatic concentration to avoid repetitive applications that worsen the condition of your skin.

The oily skin has a very different (more active) than other types chemistry, altering much chemistry and behavior of fragrances you use. The recommendation of the experts is that if you have the oily skin , choose a perfume fragrant with light tones, using fewer in number day and night. Citrus fragrances, musky and floral usually react well to these types of skin, plus essential oils suitable for application to the body, diluted with demineralized water.

Combination skin, meanwhile, has better chemical balance and is gentler when choosing perfume. You can choose almost any fragrance according to your personal style, with intermediate concentrations of extracts. Remember to apply in areas favorable (about superficial veins and wrists and behind the ears), to reiterate the applications and affect your skin. It prefers fresh floral tones, with sweet tones for the night and elegant events.

With these easy tips well and fragrances in understanding how our bodies work, you know how to choose the right perfume for your personal style and skin type.

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