Attachment types
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Attachment types, causes and alternatives

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In my view, it remains tied attachment is dependent on possessiveness, linked, anchored and closed. Life is like a river constantly flowing and moving.

If we get stuck we are not living according to our heart. The heart always wants to feel free of charge and vibrate constantly.

Attachment types
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Types of attachment

If you are attached to something, either, money, work, a relationship or friendship, family, a house, and this does not make you beat really, it is preferable to close chapter with this vicious circle and open up to new horizons and opportunities.

If we do not close a door we cannot open up to other new experiences, we continue anchored in the old and decrepit.

It is not healthy to be attached to anything or anyone, attachment to material things and people, is a stagnation of energy.

What we stick?

  • At emotions: It is so easy to stick to that which gives us security, what makes us feel full, the beneficial emotions, etc. It is also common to stick to pain, sorrow, misery, misery, to harmful emotions.
  • A negative: It seems incomprehensible that be so, but there are those who cling to the negative, to what he knows that does not benefit you and is there, creating a loop or a pattern of repetitive and painful behavior for life and especially for heart.
  • A material things: With regard to your house, you have to review what guards, for example, if there are clothes that long ago that you do not wear, things you no longer use or that no longer need, or foods that guards because if, now is the time to order and drop. Focus on what you want and what you do not want for yourself. Once you begin to detach from what is old, a frequency change that opens to new things starts.
  • A relationship: As people, relationships, got it, gets us nowhere to be dependent. If you live with people who no longer admire or who no longer feel the same way you felt, it is better and more honest, to close this chapter, even if you feel pain and gratitude for all that you have learned.

It is better to say goodbye to continue slave. When cutting with any relationship is also important to do it with love and gratitude, not from rage and anger, because this creates a negative cycle of energy that does not suit.

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For fear of being alone, fear of ill, afraid to express what we feel with all my heart, for fear of lawsuits, for fear society, etc … I affirm that only by fear, we become attached.

Preventing addiction

  • Trust your chances of avoiding expand and limit yourself to your stuff, your relationships, your emotional states. When you dare to live without attachment, leaving each step that you no longer need, you feel free to be you and live as you want, not what others expect you to be or alive.
  • Enjoy the present and the opportunities that you live now, expectations for the future, untethered from the past; living only with presence and consciousness totally in the here and now with what is, accepting him.
  • If it is a repetitive and damaging situation, you do not see solution; you can choose to ask for help, guidance, support or therapy to dissolve these patterns of behavior. A method I recommend is the “primal therapy” to clean wound of childhood, where they settle many of the behaviors those we as adults and another method “family constellations of Bert Hellinger”.

Living with gratitude and freedom

As I feel these are the keys to living unattached:

  • Living in a state of gratitude. It seems an easy word to use in divine moments but in turbulent times we forget about it. It has unlimited power. When you say thank you , you’re honoring, recognizing, valuing, saying yes to this moment, if something be, yes to let you have space. This does give Love and Silence.
  • Living in a state of freedom. Living life as you want, to your needs, without compromise, without expectations, being you in every way, free from attachment and bonds.

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