muscle relaxation exercises

3 best muscle relaxation exercises

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When we talked about the benefits of cool-down we talked about reducing the risk of soreness and muscle pain, stabilizing body temperature after the increase due to physical activity and the removal of so-called metabolic waste in the blood so that prevent these from stagnating.

Remedies for lactic acid

There are remedies and muscular relaxation exercises to be performed after each physical activity or sporting performance, especially in those during which the workload was higher than that tolerable by our body. Among the main remedies to dispose of lactic acid and free radicals that are collected in the muscles we find stretching, running and the use of mineral salts.

The race for muscle relaxation is one of the most widespread practices and consists of a light stroke with a duration ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, during which the body is able to relax and recover a regular rhythm without a drastic interruption that is often at the origin of every physical problem.

A remedy complementary to the race but also independent of it is that of stretching. Performing stretching exercises is useful both as a muscle warming to be done before training or competition, but also after the race or in the following days in the fall in which the lactic acid has not been completely disposed of. During stretching it is important to know how to check and not exceed the pain threshold, to avoid tears and muscular injuries of various kinds.

muscle relaxation exercises

Finally, among the remedies for muscle depletion we also find the use of mineral bath salts. It involves making a hot bath in the tub of your home using the different mineral salts that are on the market. A good remedy especially for the muscular relaxation of the legs is to dissolve vinegar in hot water; despite the unpleasant smell, however, there are extraordinary benefits. In all cases, after a bath of about half an hour, it is important to stretch the legs vertically in order to dissolve the muscles better.

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The muscles

After seeing what are the main remedies for the disposal of lactic acid, let’s see what are the 3 best muscle relaxation exercises to do after sport or training. For each of the three exercises we will see both the procedure for beginners and for those in an advanced phase of training.

First exercise

The first exercise of muscle relaxation involves positioning yourself straight (or alternatively with one hand on a wall) and taking the tip of the foot or ankle of the opposite leg with one hand, bending it. The important thing is to keep your legs, back and pelvis straight. For beginners we recommend a muscle relaxant exercise of two sets of fifteen seconds for each leg, while for those in an advanced phase also 4 series of 30 seconds for each leg.

Second exercise

For this second exercise we should use a steady rise as it can be a bench if you are outdoors or the edge of a sofa or chair if you are at home. We position ourselves in front of our uprights and we rest the sole of the foot so that the knee of that leg is bent and up. With the foot resting firmly on the ground and the other leg stretched backwards, move the pelvis forward so as to feel a tension in the groin and inside the thigh. The hands are positioned on the sides or firm on some point of support to remain in balance. For beginners we recommend two sets of 20 seconds for each leg, while 4 sets of 40 seconds for each leg for an advanced muscular relaxation.

Third exercise

The last muscle relaxation exercise involves stretching one leg backwards with the knee touching the ground and the other leg forward with the knee bent so as to be on the same vertical line as the ankle. Keep your hands to the side to remain in balance and lower the pelvis to the floor avoiding that the head is recessed between the shoulders. For beginners we recommend a 20-second series for each leg, while two 60-second sets for each leg for a more advanced cool down.

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