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Documenting Your Family Life as a Mother

In this digital age, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparison. If you’re not careful, you’ll compare the quality of other people’s pictures, cameras and more. Truthfully, there are so many dynamic ways to capture the beauty of your family life so that you all can enjoy the memories for years to come. Consider the following ways you can document your family life as a mother.

1. Create a scrapbook or a photo album.
It’s always important to take pictures of the family. Do a major photoshoot once every year. It’s always cool to have the matching outfits, beautiful hairstyles and lovely makeup applications. Save money for these photoshoots by setting aside a certain amount of money each month in a braintree bank. In the meantime, find other ways to document throughout the year. Use the popular smartphone option. It’s also a great idea to find a Polaroid camera. Take Polaroid pictures, write the date and time down, and store all the photos in a fabulous photo album. If you’re into the idea of keeping a scrapbook, this is another great way to keep all the memories in one place.

2. Keep a journal.
Keep an on-going journal that sits in one of the rooms in the house. Whether someone has had a great day or a terrible day, encourage everyone to write down an experience in the journal. They can write in it once a week or once a month. Just make sure you all keep the conversation going. Years down the road, you all will be able to look back on those memories and feel closer to one another.

3. Capture and cultivate the hobbies.
Figure out which hobbies your family loves to do together. You might decide that you all enjoy basketball. You all might decide you enjoy painting together. As you find a hobby you all enjoy, find ways to preserve those memories. It might be that you call create new art pieces once a month. You can preserve those pieces by framing them and displaying them on one of the basement walls. It’s a unique way to share the stories of your family and how much you love one another.

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