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Do you always take care of your eyes? Here is how to cure the mirror of the soul!

take care of your eyes

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul!” Says an old saying. And like any wise thought, even in this case we have a fund of truth. Our eyes are among the most important organs for us and for our life.

The importance of the eyes

Our eyes allow us to live a peaceful and complete life. Sight is one of the fundamental ways to feel truly complete. Given the importance of this organ, as for every other component of our body, we must take care of it.

Very often we underestimate the continuous attacks on which our eyes are daily subjected. Maybe not dinners we realize, but an incorrect diet, pollen and pollution, keep our eyes constantly under stress. These negative influences could compromise the correct function of the eye and lead to serious consequences for our eyesight. Here, then, some tips to cuddle and take care of your eyes.

take care of your eyes

War against UV rays

It is now known that the UV rays emitted by the sun can injure our eyes. To avoid such problems, it would be necessary to simply use a pair of glasses with dark lenses. Doing so can delay the onset of the cataract. The cataract, in fact, is one of the most common pathologies of sight, which consists in the opacification of the crystalline lens. Therefore, when the UV rays hit the eye directly, this can accelerate the development of this pathology.

Wearing sunglasses, obviously with good lenses, is a habit that protects the eye, as these lenses are able to screen 100% from UVA and UVB rays. Forward, a good sunglass helps to delay even the aging of the skin around the eye!

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Smoking also kills our eyes

Smoking is bad, it is now a fact, but not everyone knows that being a smoker, also affects the health of the eye. In fact, especially closely related to the age factor, smoking can strongly affect macular degeneration.

Eating well and healthy helps our eyes

Another factor that particularly affects our eyes and therefore our eyesight is nutrition. There are some foods that help keep these organs healthy and strong and therefore also the sense connected to them. Carrots and vegetables in general stand out among these elements. These foods, in fact, help to bring to our body the vitamins and minerals that the eyes need to work in the best way. Among the vitamins that the eyes need are:

  • Vitamin C and E,
  • Zinc,
  • Carotenoids (lutein and zaxanthin),
  • Omega-3s.

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