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Do we really want to Carry on Camping?

By 1969 the Carry on brand was starting to show its age. It would stutter on for another 10 years producing weaker and weaker scripts and performances with only a few like Carry on Dick and Matron bucking the downward trend. The once young(ish) and vibrant stars like Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey and even Sid James were beginning to give perfunctory performances that perfectly exemplified the phrase “going through the motions”. Paid very little for the films and shot on a next to nothing budget the most notable thing about this episode is that it was shot in late autumn, but the cast were obliged to run around in summer gear and the memorable shot of the much missed Barbra Winsdors bra flying off across the campsite.

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The “action” centres around series regulars James and Bresslaw trying to get their girlfriends to be a bit more loose with their affections. To do this end Sid books them a holiday in what he thinks is a nudist camp site. However it is just a damp field with a concrete toilet and shower block. They would have had a much better time had they gone to this Hiking Clothing Dublin shop and kitted themselves out first.

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Suffice to say things do not go according to plan. It is still reckoned to be one of the most popular Carry on films in the series, mainly it seems for the bikini wardrobe malfunction of Babs Windsor (who has said on record many times about the cold weather they filmed in).

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