Diet to Lose weight
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Replacement meals in the Diet to Lose Weight Quickly

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Until a few years ago it had only reduce portions to lose weight and move a bit ‘more to find your ideal weight in a reasonable time, now that you’re older you realize that this simple strategy to lose weight fast is not working as before and that in spite of a proper diet and controlled, losing the extra pounds becomes increasingly difficult.

In fact, with age the metabolism changes and it needs to be stressed, therefore, if you want to quickly get rid of those unwanted pounds accumulated during the winter, you have to act cunning! A secret to lose weight fast but without too many sacrifices and, above all, a healthy and balanced, is to include them in your daily meals so-called meal replacements in the diet: balanced products, complete, varied and very practical to prepare.

Diet to Lose weight
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Although these products are not appreciated by all nutritionists, several scientific studies have shown that, if introduced into one of the two main meals of the day or as a snack, the meal replacement can help you not only to lose the pounds too much but also to maintain the desired weight. Among other things, the balanced meal replacement products, are ideal for those with little time to devote to the kitchen and for those who eat outside the home frequently because they are prepared in a moment, they provide a proper calorie intake and all nutrients you need to feel good and, which is not bad at all, are also very tasty!

Here then a protein diet, which includes the consumption of balanced meals and snacks replacement, designed to help you lose weight quickly, without sacrifice and without risk to health.

Where can I substitute meals?

The sale of meal replacements are now everywhere: in pharmacies, specialty stores see supplement stores and in supermarkets. You can be bought individually, as needed, in the form of comfortable bag that contains everything you need for a week of dieting.

In addition to the very practical snack, we know more or less all, there are the meal replacement powder packaged in convenient single-dose bags that allow you to create in minutes candy recipes (like the greedy drinks cappuccino or chocolate to be prepared with the shaker supplied) and savory meal replacements, for example the excellent velvety vegetable to be carried on the fire or simply adding hot water to the powder preparation),liquid meal replacements taste vanilla, chocolate, banana, coffee … and there is also the pasta protein, allowing you to cook pasta complete and satisfying.

As I said, all of these products, if included as part of a controlled diet, help you lose weight quickly without suffering the pangs of hunger and without giving up tasty dishes if you’re on a diet and the variety of foods. The diet that I propose seeks to re-balance supply often unbalanced and overly rich in sugars. The scheme is based on a low-calorie nutritional proper intake of fats and carbohydrates, with an increased protein intake.

It is well known that, to speed up the weight loss, it is essential to reduce the intake of sugar, fat and calories while, by contrast, increase the amount of protein, useful for reactivating the metabolism and to unlock the bearings of fat deposited. This is because, in order to digest and absorb food, our body spends energy and protein foods spends more than the one used to digest and absorb the calories that we introduce with sugar and fat. In particular, for 100 calories from the latter (i.e. sugars and fats), the spell energy expenditure of the body is approximately 2 – 3 calories while, for 100 calories derived from protein, energy expenditure is approximately 30 calories. Therefore, the body will have actually only 70% of energy intake with foods like fish or meat, while the calorie intake derived from carbohydrates and fat is almost complete.

This explains why a high-protein diet makes losing weight so fast! The protein diet that includes meal replacement provides an adequate intake of protein and reduced carbohydrates, fats and calories. So, you can lose weight quickly without losing muscle tone and without excessive waivers.

In fact, the meal replacement protein avoided to undergo prolonged fasting, ensure the intake of micro-nutrients naturally present in foods but easily degradable due to the high cooking temperatures, satisfy the palate and are low-calorie (approximately 250 calories per meal replacement).

In addition, this particular type of diet, also offers fresh protein foods such as fish, meat, lean cold cuts, eggs and dairy products, and fruit, vegetables and seasonal vegetables. It is therefore a complete diet, varied and rewarding, suitable for all adults who are in good health.

For those, however, has health problems, especially kidney or liver, for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and for people who are lactose intolerant (preparations containing milk protein), it is strongly discouraged.

We see then, in more detail, the menu proposed for a week diet: For a crash treatment, the program involves the replacement of two main meals (breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner), and then continue with the replacement of only one meal a day until consolidation of the goals of weight achieved. The menu is completed by dishes of meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The menu for lunch and dinner can be reversed.

Every day, you should drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid alternating water with green tea and herbal tea without sugar. Sweeteners should be minimized while they are to avoid the sugary fruits, vegetables rich in starch, fatty meats and mature cheeses. Prefer cooking steamed, baked or grilled and flavor foods with marinades vinaigrette with lemon, a little salt, spices and herbs to taste.

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