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Common Website Mistakes to Avoid

Your website is your gateway to the digital world, so you want it to be the very best it can be. Why waste time fixing mistakes when with a little research and help, you can avoid timely and costly mistakes altogether. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by many websites:

Have a plan

If you were opening a physical store, you wouldn’t open up without a business plan. The same can be said of websites. Know your target audience, have a plan for promotion, launch and continued growth just as you would with any other business plan. Websites can’t get away with being full of useless information now either. Plan original, high-quality content to help increase awareness, cement your credibility and improve your search rankings.

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Too Much Information

Don’t confuse quality with quantity. You only have a very short time span to grab your visitor’s attention before they click away to read the latest celebrity gossip. Too much text and your visitor will lose concentration and you won’t hold their attention long enough to effectively get your message across. Quality is better than quantity so keep good content in easily readable chunks. Think about grouping information and using subheadings as most readers will only skim read. For help with all aspects of website design, think about web designers in Reading.  Star web innovations are web designers in Reading

Missing a Clear Call to Action

So, you’ve succeeded in attracting people to your site but now what? Do you want them to buy something or subscribe to something? If so, make it clear and lead them in the right direction. It’s no good drawing them to your site if it’s not clear what they can do once they’re there. A clear, concise call to action is a must-have for a successful site.

Trying to Please Everyone

It’s virtually impossible to write content aimed at everyone who ever visits your site. If you do, you run the risk of blurring your message, so nobody gets it. Decide who your target market is and write content aimed solely at those people. These visitors are more likely to convert into sales, giving you a higher conversion rate for a more niche group.

Focus only the Homepage

Many websites make the mistake of focusing only on the homepage and neglecting the internal pages of the site. Deeper pages also need to have high quality content and up-to-date information as these pages can also be counted towards your search engine ranking. If these pages are not attended too, they are just dead weight.

Ignore Mobile Optimisation

A huge amount of people conduct a great deal of business and leisure on their smartphones. Take a look around next time you’re waiting at a bus stop or in a restaurant, most people are glued to their phones. If your site is not mobile responsive, you could be losing out in a big way. Your site must be configured to load quickly on any size screen and navigated easily if being viewed on a phone. A great deal of traffic could be missed if visitors are clicking off your site because it’s not mobile-friendly.

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