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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning for you – Some Common Types to Look Into

In the UK we often moan about the temperature – it is either too hot or too cold. We are in the winter now, but as spring starts to show signs of appearing, many of us will start to complain about being too warm as the summer months start to arrive!

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Air conditioning is not a feature that you will find in many UK homes whereas it is common in many other countries. This may be a way to solve all of your heat woes in those hot summer months, and there are certainly companies that can install it into your home for you, such as this air con Gloucester based company, Ace Comfort Cooling.

So how do you know if you need air conditioning in your home? Here are some things to consider if this is something that you are thinking about.

There are many different types of air conditioning to choose from, so if you are confused by this here are some popular types and some information about them…

Portable Units – These are the most simple types of air conditioning, and you can just buy these, you don’t need to have them installed. You can literally just plug it in and use it straight away, so this is a good one to go for if you are on a budget. You can move it into other rooms wherever it is needed – you will have to put a duct, like those that tumble driers have, out of the window to get rid of the warm air however, and you will also need to catch the condensation that the unit produces in a container of some sort.

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Air to Air – These systems are also a way of heating as well as cooling a home. They are a great way to heat and cool the home if that is what you are after. They will have to be professionally installed, but once you have it up and running you can use it all year round which is great. They are good for being able to change the temperatures quickly as they are not as slow to react as traditional heating systems.

Split Systems – These vary in type and complexity but are basically units that are connected in two parts by copper pipes. They will have a part that is indoors and a part that is outdoors, so you will not need to put a ventilation duct out of your window, as this is what the outdoor part does for you. They are more powerful than the portable units and of course do not need the open windows and some models also can do heating and cooling. However, you will need to have it professionally installed, and they are more costly than a portable unit.

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