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Astrology and health, can you predict?

Astrology and health
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They are related Astrology and health? There is a new discipline, Medical Astrology investigating the factors that characterize a disease.

What expresses the chart?

The natal chart of an individual expresses the characteristics of his personality, both those that are dormant as expressing, while highlighting his physical appearance, his destiny, his health and his whole life in general.

Astrology and health

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Is it possible to see the health of a person?

Astrological science allows us to read in the celestial symbols health status and trends sick person. The astrologer interpreting the natal chart can assess which parts of the body more susceptible to disease and resistance force have, and can therefore help establish a diagnosis.

Medical Astrology gives us the possibility to know the state of health of the person and through progressions and transits; they can be located in time their disease states may find the date of surgery, or a cure. Thus an astrologer doctor could, by preventive treatment, prevent the disease from a patient acquire more serious undertones.

The complexity of diagnosis

Making a medical diagnosis through astrology is an arduous and complex task; there are many factors to be taken into account for proper evaluation.

An astrologer, specializing in the subject can achieve a good diagnosis, but cannot cure. Healing depends on a health specialist and the disposition of the sick person himself.

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Each part of the body, every organ, every member has a corresponding element (Fire, Air, Earth, and Water), a zodiacal sign and a planet. The combination of elements, signs, planets and houses develops Individuality and health.

Chart and key aspects of health

The most important points of a natal chart to be taken into account in assessing the health of a person are the following.

  • Polarization (assets, liabilities).
  • Mode (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable).
  • Elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water).
  • Up sign and its ruling planet (sign and house where it is located, as well as its aspects) It indicates the constitution of the person and disease that tends to contract (taking into account aspects that receives the cusp)
  • Guests planets in the first house. (Indicate the weaknesses of the organization, its unhealthy tendencies).
  • House 6, House 8 and 12. House are houses that are specifically related to health and the best way to heal. You have to evaluate the ruling planets of these houses and Guest Planets.

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