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A beautiful culture for a beautiful country

There are very few countries in the world that are comparable to France and the French. It stretches from the English Channel and the North Sea in the North of the country down the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea in the west and south. On the other side it borders Belgium, Germany and Italy plus it has a border with Spain defined by the Pyrenees. It is a huge country that compete for would supremacy with Great Britain for many years before being beaten at Trafalgar and the battle of Waterloo. Despite the upheaval of Europe and its relationship with us in the UK at the moment the purchase of some Property for sale in France like the ones that you can view at  is still a good idea and the website is a very good place to start.

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What can you expect from living in France? The formation of the people of France is a long and varied one. Their origins are Celtic as is the majority of Western Europe. However, they are also heavily influenced by the present of the Germanic tribe the Franks. Although the Franks do not spread throughout and name to the country until the end of the Dark Ages prior to this the Roman Empire dominates the tribes and the province Gaul. This remains the status quo with the Romano-Gallo tribes forming and mingling with a widespread immigration by the Franks after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire to create the country of France.

France is one of the largest countries in Europe and is powerful now plus historically. Its relationship with the UK has been fraught and stormy, the Hundred years war and the Napoleonic conflicts mentioned above spring to mind, but there have also been great collaborations such as the defence of France in the First World war and the creation of Concorde the world’s first Supersonic passenger plane. After the creation of the Triple Entente our countries have ben allies and friends for many decades. We still find the French a mystery as they have an attitude that seems at odds with our Britishness.

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The country is diverse geographically with 3 mountainous regions containing some of the Highest in Europe. These are the Alps, shared with Italy and German, and the Pyrenees shared with Spain. It has the Central Massif which is an extinct volcanic region. It can boast warm sands and beaches in the Med area and has the biologically region of the Commage. In the North in Normandy and Brittany you will find a landscape that is very similar to our own and it is where many Brits settle. One last thing to learn is the language 88 percent of the populace speak it.

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