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5 Surprising Things You’ll Need To Plan an Outdoor Event

Planning a large outdoor event requires extra forethought that isn’t necessary for other types of venues. Although the great outdoors is the perfect backdrop to any kind of large gathering, it comes with unique challenges. Here are the five surprising things you need for an outdoor event.

Wireless Communication Devices

A major challenge of outdoor spaces is communication. Without walls to reverberate the sound, your team won’t be able to hear and follow your directions. One innovative solution is wireless device rental program Berkeley CA for two-way radios that will work virtually anywhere on the grounds.

Adequate Lighting

While lighting in the tent or other event space is important, you can’t forget about lighting walkways and parking areas as well. Outdoor venues are typically located off the beaten path, so you won’t be able to rely on street lights or flood lights on other buildings to light the way.

Parking Attendants

If the venue is a farm or another rural location, you’ll need to figure out parking on grassy areas. Hiring parking attendants will allow you to successfully direct guests to designated parking areas and organize rows with adequate space for vehicles and safe exiting.

Emergency Services

Many municipalities mandate events over a certain size to hire emergency services on-site. However, even if it isn’t required, you should have a professional with a medical background as well as standard first aid supplies on hand to deal with unexpected injuries or illnesses.

Backup Plan

Because the weather is unpredictable and thunderstorms pose a serious threat to outdoor guests, you should have a contingency plan in the event of severe weather. It may not be feasible to move everyone indoors, so choose a rain date to reschedule in the event of inclement weather predictions.

Whether it’s a wedding, musical festival, corporate event or more, outdoor events require the proper preparation. With just an extra little planning, your guests will marvel at the beauty of nature without ever knowing how much work went on behind the scenes to make it all happen.

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