fabulous recipes

Three fabulous recipes for vegetarian pies

Besides being an ideal for those who do not eat meat, vegetarian option pies are a very healthy way to include all kinds of vegetables in our diet. If you do not eat meat or…


Peppers, nutritious and satiating

Peppers are a vegetable very present in every kitchen as valued as its rich flavor and its culinary and nutritional possibilities. Origin and kinds of peppers There are many varieties of peppers on the market….


Alternatives to eggs

We are going to present a number of alternatives to eggs in the kitchen, dedicated to those who by choice or necessity cannot take them. For many people it is a real problem finding egg…

Prenatal stimulation

Benefits of prenatal stimulation

Prenatal stimulation is what is done during pregnancy to enhance baby’s senses and enhance or facilitate their learning ability. What is prenatal stimulation? Prenatal stimulation attempts to stimulate babies from the womb in order to…


Adolescents and their emotional problems

There are many emotional issues that affect teenagers so we must be informed and to know how to help them in this stage of life. Teenagers: Especially sensitive Adolescence is a stage of life characterized…

Peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer symptoms, natural solutions

Symptoms of peptic ulcer warn us that we have to change our diet and rethink the day to lower our stress levels. At this time of year it is traditional that stomach discomfort of those…

Cleanse your body

With these two ingredients you cleanse your body of parasites

In addition to causing digestive problems, intestinal parasites may come to affect other levels and even influence our mood and provoke nervousness and anxiety. Thousands of people have the misconception that intestinal parasites are exclusive of…

Social development in childhood

Family and social development in childhood

Sociocultural influences Children do not develop in a vacuum but in the context of family, neighborhood, community, country and the world. Children receive the influence of their parents, siblings and other relatives; friends and colleagues; other adults with…