Kratom- The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Aspects

The use of Kratom products such as capsules, tablets, extracts and leaves is on the rise in different parts of the world including the US. The social and medicinal uses of this deciduous tree native to the Southeast Asian region have been ongoing for a long time. Stemming from the Mitragyna Speciosa evergreen tree, Kratom has been part of the Thai culture for hundreds of years. But, why is this tree so popular? When consumed, Kratom can provide a horde of health benefits that ensure physical, mental and spiritual well-being. How? Read on to find out.

Physical Health

Alkaloids are naturally occurring compounds that are embedded within every Kratom leaf. These are the active components that interface with human cell receptors for creating positive physical reactions. Each Kratom has about 40 powerful alkaloids and each of them has their own distinct effect. The alkaloids are able to enter the bloodstream when Kratom is ingested in any form and they start doing their work. Some of the physical benefits that ingesting Kratom can provide to the body include calming of opiate withdrawal, overall immunity boost, pain relief, control of blood sugar levels, lowered blood pressure, anti-bacterial protection, increased metabolism, anti-viral protection, increased sexual performance and desire and anti-oxidant cell protection.

Mental Health

Apart from physical applications, it has been observed that Kratom also has powerful effects on mental health. Just like all herbal remedies, the effects of Kratom can vary depending on the particular strain of this tree. The body chemistry of the user can also impact the outcome. Nonetheless, there are a broad host of cognitive benefits that have been confirmed and shared by people all over the globe. Some of the incredible mental health benefits you will notice from Kratom use include loosening of social fears, natural energy booster, promotes feelings of joy and optimism, stress relief, regulating sleep patterns, mental stamina to complete large tasks, sedative, mood enhancer, anxiety relief, assists concentration and easing of depression-related symptoms.

These mental health benefits are derived from the all-natural Kratom plant and it is not chemically refined or altered in any other way. In fact, the leaves of the Kratom tree can simply be plucked and chewed raw, which is certainly a better idea than spending hundreds of dollars in purchasing the pharmaceuticals doctors prescribe for dealing with illnesses.

Spiritual Health

Kratom has the potential to provide benefits that transcend the mind and the body. The leaves of the tree have been used ceremoniously for thousands of years as local cultures and tribes incorporated it into spiritual events and rituals. Today, this ethnobotanical medication can be used along with widespread spiritual pursuits such as meditation. The clarifying and deeply relaxing properties of Kratom can put people into a contemplative and relaxed state that boosts spiritual health. As a matter of fact, in some cases, Kratom has also been defined as producing a natural high.

Due to these benefits, Kratom has gained a lot of popularity in modern times as it is a better alternative than dangerous drugs used nowadays.

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