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Slow cooker recipes you can make in summer

A slow cooker certainly earns its place in the kitchen in the midst of winter, where warming, hearty stews and broths are staples throughout the colder months. Before you banish the slow cooker to the…

What does safeguarding children involve?

Effective safeguarding procedures are essential for organisations working with children, including community and voluntary organisations, schools, sports clubs, hospitals, religious groups and providers from the private sector. Safeguarding practices reach beyond age, gender, ethnicity and…

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Choosing the Right Boiler for Your Home

Most people wanting to improve a domestic boiler system have five options – improve the system you have or consider the four types of boiler available. Image Credit Regular Boilers These boilers just heat water….

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Which Material is Best to Construct My Garden Room

When buying a workshop, summerhouse or garden shed you will notice a range of materials are used. Image Credit Garden sheds are increasingly popular as refuges and outlets for our personal style. Wooden and timber…

Hi-tech equipment to help you beat Mother Nature

While some people choose to spend their free time shopping, playing sports or catching a film, there are others who crave nature, isolation and danger. Image Credit What is wild camping? This term describes camping…