Family life

Social development in childhood

Family and social development in childhood

Sociocultural influences Children do not develop in a vacuum but in the context of family, neighborhood, community, country and the world. Children receive the influence of their parents, siblings and other relatives; friends and colleagues; other adults with…

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in the couple

Emotional Intelligence plays a key role in maintaining the couple. Every emotion has at its root an impulse toward action, and effectively manage these impulses is basic. Paradoxically, this may be particularly difficult in a relationship where…

Rebuild a relationship

How to rebuild a relationship

Love is a universal feeling and a complex mechanism that works differently in each of us. Couples who survive in time are those that have managed to create a link able to cope with the difficulties that appear. Therefore,…

Family Life

How apologize

A mistake, a wrong step, a mistake is an opportunity to learn to apologize and redeem so done or said. We tell you what you need to carry in your heart and mind to do so….