Family life

General Safety Tips

General Safety Tips

We value many things and giving value to a certain thing is keeping it safety at all times. There are many accidents happening in this world because people are not safety enough in their actions….

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living in family

10 Tips for living in family harmony

Life together with your family members is an experience, because together they share a story, make important decisions such as buying a department and generally coexist day to day. It should be noted that for any family…

crisis of couple

How to overcome a crisis of couple

By the time, we tend to have a marital crisis. It arises when you do not outweigh the difficulties together. Here’s how to overcome the crisis of couple … Yes speaks of marital crisis when…

8 golden rules to help the child to focus

The concentration, the ability to control and maintain the attention during a task, it is essential to be able to do well in school. Today’s children are subjected to many more stimuli than in the…

Attachment types

Attachment types, causes and alternatives

In my view, it remains tied attachment is dependent on possessiveness, linked, anchored and closed. Life is like a river constantly flowing and moving. If we get stuck we are not living according to our…

Social development in childhood

Family and social development in childhood

Sociocultural influences Children do not develop in a vacuum but in the context of family, neighborhood, community, country and the world. Children receive the influence of their parents, siblings and other relatives; friends and colleagues; other adults with…

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in the couple

Emotional Intelligence plays a key role in maintaining the couple. Every emotion has at its root an impulse toward action, and effectively manage these impulses is basic. Paradoxically, this may be particularly difficult in a relationship where…